Honey, please dispose waste responsibility.

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Most of us believe that recycling is ethically right things to do. Sadly, we seem to have family, friends and acquaintance do not recycle. Is recycling hard?

Yes, it is not easy to incorporate recycle and reuse into our daily habits. Reasons why people do not recycle including lack of access of inconvenience, don’t understand the benefits of reduce waste does to environment,  do not receive immediate benefits from recycling and people always forgot.

Here are the 5 easier tips to help you build recycling kick into your daily routine.

1) Think about the trash you could turn into a new treasure.

  • Plastic can often be recycled and turn into a new bottle, carpet, firefighter coats and many more. Generally, we have the potential to create waste in almost single day, plastic littering is one of the main causes environment contamination. Be a mindful person, bin your plastic responsibility so that they can have a second life. 

ecover plastic bottle

new bottle that was made 100% from recycled plastic and easy to recycle.

2)  Buy recycled.

  • There are many ethical corporates, manufacturer and retailers can use all kinds of materials to create stunning and useful products for consumers. Support company that are going on green means producing less virgin plastics and keeping more plastic out of ocean. Check the labels for products that are recycled and Eco-friendly when making a purchase is the easier way to be a responsible consumer.

In method, we use recycled plastic to reduce the footprint of products. All of method’s 1 –PET plastic bottles, including our hand wash, dish soap an spray cleaners, are made from 100% PCR (post-consumer resin for those in the know). PCR has about a 70% lower carbon footprint than using virgin plastic.

3) Different bins to house the various types of waste.

  • Recycling is an easy process that can be turned into a neat system for the whole family to follow. Start off by creating a set of bins to house the various types of waste – paper, plastic, glass and general rubbish.

4) Bring you own shopping bag.

  • You will be talking home 5-6 thinner plastic bags each grocery shopping. In some way, these plastic bag will end up in the landfill if not being dispose properly. Be a responsible  shoppers by refusing plastic bag and start bringing your own bags. Keep a few in the car or get a foldable reusable bag take it with you everywhere you go. A good quality reusable bags can hold almost anything, whether it’s bulky, fragile or wet.

5) Hold yourself accountable.

  • Believe yourself can make a positive impact and environmentally-friendly behavior into your everyday lives can inspire your family and friendly and eventually lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Let's be kind to the environment, animal and our next generations. We are all in this together. Now, go and look around the house and craft something out of a plastic bottle.

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