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*If any of the fragrance from the bundle is out of stock, method will automatically change another available fragrance without prior notification. 

1) All Purpose Cleaner – is versatile and gives you a fresh clean work appliances, counter tops and is safe for granite and marble. It removes greases and lifts tough food stains effectively.

2) Bathroom Cleaner Tub + Tile- naturally derived formula makes cleaning surfaces easy. Pull the trigger and let our fast-acting formula clean up soap scum, mold + mildew stains—give it a rinse.

3) Bathroom Cleaner Daily Shower -  After shower or baths, spray over the shower heads, wall, faucets, & whatever water hits then walk away. the product dissolves soap scum naturally and without scrubbing if use regularly.

4) Lemon Ginger Floor Cleaner – has a no-wax, non-toxic, biodegradable formula that smells good and clean effectively.

5) Green Tea + Aleo Vera Gel Handwash - our heavenly moisturizing scented hand wash does not contain harmful chemicals such as triclosan, paraben and EDTA.


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