10 Wooden Wonders You Should Really Clean Now

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fear no mess with method® wood for good® daily clean.

keeping your birch beautiful and your pine pristine is easy with our wood for good® daily clean. a quick spray and a wipe with a soft cloth is all it takes to say bye-bye to dust and hello to the subtly sweet scent of almonds. but with so much wood in the house, there are bound to be a few pieces that you forget to clean. so here’s checklist of some less obvious (but still important) sealed* wooden surfaces that deserve to be looked after.

your sofa would be floored without them, but their low-lying location makes them easy to forget. show those legs some love.

the artwork may catch your eye, but the frame catches nothing but dust. a quick wipe and it’ll be pretty as a picture again.

hidden in plain sight, this wooden workhorse gets grabbed all day long by people rushing up and down the stairs. so, go ahead and give it a helping hand.

the top of your coffee table may be cleaned and cared for, but what about the shelf underneath? don’t leave it to catch crumbs.

if your bed is looking a little tired, an occasional clean with wood for good® can bring some lost luster back to the bedroom.

you’d rather look out the window than stare at the shutters. no wonder this is a real blind spot when it comes to dust and dirt.

after a messy meal you always give baby a good wipe. it’s a good idea to do the same to junior’s dining seat.

it’s easy to ignore that silent spinning above your head. but those hard-working blades could use a regular rub-down.

a coat rack plays its part in keeping your home clean and tidy. don’t forget to return the favor once and a while.

despite the fact these guys are often in the spotlight, we sometimes forget that they need a little shine too.

*not sure what we mean by sealed? wood furnishings are typically sealed with a protective coating like shellac, varnish or wax. keep in mind that even if something is stained, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s sealed. stain only changes the color of the wood; it does not make the surface any more water repellent. we do not recommend using wood for good® on raw, unsealed wood surfaces.

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